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  • The funniest IT Crowd episode yet

    The IT Crowd is so awesomely funny. Tonight’s episode is so funny we’re watching it again. Completely hilarious. LOLed for about half the show. You must watch this now. Run don’t walk. Get Miro (used to be called Democracy) – this is an Internet TV player Copy this URL: Open Miro, then click […]

  • is fast again, thanks to a new and improved SQL database schema

    For quite a while, has been slow. Ever since it hit, oh, around 1.4 million items in its database (now up over 2 million) the queries that were responsible for building the home page view had gotten slower and slower. The old design The problem was one of normalization, and the desire to not […]

  • ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers – Read it at

    The ScobleShow is the 700th feed added to Congratulations, Scoble! Check it out: ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers – Read it at P.S. Support for displaying podcast enclosures is probably going to be coming soon so you’ll be able to play or download non-embedded audio and video podcast files directly in […]

  • Interesting video clip by the guy who named WiFi

    Neat video. So the guy who came up with WiFi, Expedia, Exterra tells all about the importance of naming. Is a good name a important to success? What about bad names? They highlight the name iPod as a bad name, but the product is so awesome it didn’t matter. I’m about half-way through this video, […]

  • Adding new feeds to is working again

    I’ve fixed it so that adding feeds to should work again now. There was a small flaw in the logic for adding the feeds that I hadn’t caught. All fixed now. So far there have been almost 130,000 total items retrieved from almost 700 feeds since it the site launched in December. Check it […]

  • The secret to getting your website featured on the frontpage of

    If you’ve ever tried to get your website featured on the front page of a site like digg, reddit, or Slashdot you might have felt frustration when you didn’t get the right number of votes to make it. There is a site called that will automatically put your website’s content directly on its homepage. […]

  • Sweet new feature: Custom RSS Feed Stats Badges

    You can now see stats for each feed on and grab the HTML code to embed a neat small badge that shows you how many times the feed has been read on, how many people have favorited it and how many items are available to read on The badges are displayed at […]

  • – Really Simple News For You

    I just added another nice feature to Persistent user sign in. This means that you won’t have to keep on logging in every time you restart your browser. Click the “Remember me” checkbox to stay signed in for the next 100 days. This will become more important as new user-focused features are added to […]

  • Update on recent enhancements added to

    I’ve made a bunch of improvements to lately: Feeds You can now view all feeds in the system by going to the page. Paging You can now page through older items than just the latest 10 items. This is a pretty nice enhancement. This way you can get caught up. Top 30 The […]

  • More updates and improvements have been made to

    I’ve recently made some more nice refinements to Recent Updates Removed the voting links. There are TONS of places where you can register your approval or disapproval. A new site only has about 5 seconds to make a good impression. I had to decide whether voting on each entry as being good or bad […]

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