Sweet new RSS2.com feature: Custom RSS Feed Stats Badges

New RSS2.com feature: embeddable RSS stats badges!

You can now see stats for each feed on RSS2.com and grab the HTML code to embed a neat small badge that shows you how many times the feed has been read on RSS2.com, how many people have favorited it and how many items are available to read on RSS2.com. The badges are displayed at the bottom of every feed page.

Here’s my stats badge:

Site icon Gabriel


Check it out: RSS Stats

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One response to “Sweet new RSS2.com feature: Custom RSS Feed Stats Badges”

  1. This is pretty slick. I need to get something like this for my blog (haven’t done anything in forever with it).

    Was it hard coming up with the widgets?

    It’s one of those features that I *know* I should add for some of my sites, because its so viral, but for some reason haven’t gotten around to it =)

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