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  • DiddleBug Extractor 2.1 – Palm DiddleBug image extractor script for OS X, Windows, Linux (Replaces Didcon 2.0)

    DiddleBug Extractor 2.1 Drawing pictures on your Palm I use an excellent free Open Source program called DiddleBug on my Palm Treo 700p for doing small black and white drawings. The latest version of DiddleBug creates 320×320 pixel size drawings. These are referred to on their site as “high-res” pictures instead of the 160×160 pixel […]

  • Downloading Opera Mini Bricked my phone (Samsung i330 Palm)

    So, after reading on Slashdot about the hot new Opera Mini web browser I just HAD to go and try and download it. To my Samsung i300 Palm phone. Which is conspicuously missing from their supported devices page. I should have known better. I mean, I already HAVE a graphical web browser on my phone […]

  • Bought MarknDial the other day

    After trying it out a long time ago, I finally bought this handy little app that does what it promises – lets you highlight a phone number on your palm, then call it. So simple, and why Palm didn’t include that in their OS, not sure. Get it? Handy? Heh. PDAapps MarknDial Are you a […]

  • i330 echo problem fixed

    So I like my i330 again. I was having this terrible echoing problem that made it hard for the person on the other end to communicate well. I was worried that something was really wrong w/ it, but then I realized that if I simply turned the volume in the speaker down then the horrible […]

  • PalmOrb: Use your PalmOS PDA as a LCD status display via serial, USB, BlueTooth or IR

    Another nifty little Palm app, found on Freshmeat. PalmOrb: Use your PalmOS PDA as a LCD status display via serial, USB, BlueTooth or IR PalmOrb : Introduction PalmOrb is software that allows you to use your PalmOS device as a LCD status display for your computer! You can display system stats (such as: CPU load […]

  • i330 Skins! Graffiti and Phone Skins for Samsung SPH-i330 SmartPhones!

    i330 Skins! Graffiti and Phone Skins for Samsung SPH-i330 SmartPhones! Welcome to i330 Headquarters! Your source for Skins, Applications and Hacks for the Samsung i330 SmartPhone Samsung released an excellent PDA/Phone, the SPH-i330. However, their standard release was missing a few features I wanted. I could either wait for a later release, or just fix […]

  • How to Network Hotsync Samsung i330 Palm/Phone

    This is completely RAD. Slightly slower than in-cradle synching, but totally awesome that it works! 🙂 (via ok kiddies, Funny thing is we just went over this issue in another thread, ill post below the same instructions that i posted from someone else in teh Buisness connect thread. I wanted to have it tested […]

  • sitting @ the mall

    Just sitting at the West County mall, blogging from my i330. We got Kevin an iPod for his graduation, and some Bath & Body Works stuff for Catherine. This summer is going to be busy on the travel front. First up is Kristin’s association, leaving June 24, returning 28. Then is Seth’s wedding in Gloucester, […]

  • PDAapps, Inc. – Trillian for the i330 / Palm phone

    PDAapps, Inc. Downloaded their i330 applications to try out. I might actually purchase their instant messenger – it’s an integrated approach very much like a Trillian for your Palm. We’ll see if it works out, but it could be pretty cool to have your instant messenger buddy lists always on and in your pocket! 🙂 […]

  • Gallery now online featuring Diddlebug drawings

    Got Gallery finally installed for this blog. So far I’ve added an album for my drawings made using my Palm pda/phone Samsung i330. Check them out! P.S. I used XnView (found via to convert the Diddlebug pictures (extracted using Windlebug) from .bmp format to .gif format, suitable for posting to the Gallery. All […]

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