Bought MarknDial the other day

MarknDial screenshot

After trying it out a long time ago, I finally bought this handy little app that does what it promises – lets you highlight a phone number on your palm, then call it. So simple, and why Palm didn’t include that in their OS, not sure. Get it? Handy? Heh.


Are you a user who often finds yourself wanting to dial a phone number being displayed on a web page, memopad, datebook or word document?
Did you find yourself memorizing the number, switching to the phone application, starting to dial the number… and then forgetting and having to go back. Memorizing again. Switching to the phone application. How exasperating!!

With MarknDial, just mark the number and let MarknDial dial it for you. A single keystroke can dial a highlighted number. Another keystroke can add a highlighted number to the address book.
Any application that supports highlighting text on the screen will work with MarknDial. With Blazer, phone numbers are automatically hyperlinked and will dial out from your phone if clicked. You can even mark a URL in most applications and MarknDial will launch Blazer with that URL. You can also mark an email address, and MarknDial will launch your favourite email program with that address filled in appropriately.

Try MarknDial free today!

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