Is it true that Apple (APPL) Facebook fans are worth 90% more than non-fans? Probably. Dec 14 2012

Pretty interesting info-graphic about the role of business on Facebook. I’d say it matches my own take on it — Facebook is where people spend time, and businesses and organizations that want to reach out to people need to have an active presence there.

Via: Vocus

Trying out wp-svbtle, a new theme and way of writing Dec 14 2012

wp-svbtle is an open-source clone of the svbtle platform, which has been developed both as a fresh approach to writing content and as a way of developing a network of excellent writers. I’ve really enjoyed reading posts on the svbtle network, and after an excellent conversation today with Jonathan Hess @hessinteractive I decided it was time to test out a new writing style for myself. I moved my previously developed playful colorful theme to a new WordPress multi-site subdomain and proceeded to install the new wp-svbtle theme and editing environment.

So far, I do like how the focus is very much on words — there are basically very few distractions. No image uploading in this version. I like the way that the svbtle network seems to have handled that issue, and hope that the same technique can get ported to the WordPress version as well.

I did end up modifying the theme a bit, and it looks like as of this writing, there are 124 people who have forked the project on Github. I hope that the main / master project can end up reflecting all the good ideas other people have had, so there aren’t in the end like 50 “Improved wp-svbtle” projects floating around out there.

Words, words, words. One of my goals for 2013 is to write more, and to try to be more meaningful for more people. The idea of a personal motto that I’ve been developing is this:

“I like to help people.”

Not too profound, but pretty much summarizes what it is that I hope to do with my life. I look forward to exploring this further next year.


Yes. Nov 30 2012

I love my niece!


I am grateful for good tools Nov 4 2012

Every craftsperson has a toolbox that they rely upon to help them get their job done to the best of their ability.  If you’re a carpenter, you have sharp saws, chisels, hammers, screwdrivers in multiple sizes, an excellent tool belt, and a box to carry it all.  When you arrive at a job site, you are ready to go, ready to provide your best effort to the problem at hand.  You can judge a craftsperson by the quality of their tools.

My toolbox consists of my computer, phone, and an internet connection.  With these 3 items, I can talk with people and design, build, deploy and maintain high quality websites.  I can consult, share ideas, help discover insights that can transform lives.  I love my job, and having excellent tools is truly something to be grateful for.

I like my Apple products so much that I’ve even invested in AAPL.  I currently own 8 shares and hope to acquire more, as long as they continue making excellent tools.


These provide utility and delight for me every day:

  • 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina screen — this is a game changer.  So FAST, so BEAUTIFUL, I love it.
  • iPhone 4S – A lovely phone, it is really a computer you carry in your pocket all the time.  A magical device.  The new iOS 6 Maps does occasionally provide some interesting and humorous results.  They can and will fix this, I know.  It may take 10 years and self-driving cars to get there, but it’s too important to leave it as a failure.  I just upgraded to be able to use my phone in tethering mode, which means I can now work from anywhere I have cell data coverage.  Pretty rad.
  • 2TB Time Capsule — automatic, wireless backups of everything every hour.  What’s not to love?


As you probably know, I love using WordPress to build websites for my clients.  It remains the easiest to use solution, and the plugins and themes available are wonderful.  It keeps on getting better all the time, and is a core asset that I rely on to get things accomplished that would take much longer any other way.

  • WordPress
  • TextMate 2
  • VMWare
  • Adobe CS 6 – it is very nice using the newest version of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.  I had been stuck using an old copy of CS (1).
  • Transmit (excellent FTP client)
  • Safari, Chrome
  • Address Book
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Office
  • Sequel (excellent MySQL client)
  • Stickies
  • Calculator
  • I could list a lot more that I’m grateful for!

What are your favorite tools to use?


I am grateful for my wonderful clients Nov 2 2012

Beautiful sunset over San Francisco

Once again it is November, and I am very grateful to have a job that lets me work directly with a bunch of wonderful clients.  Most of my clients this year are are small non-profits, church groups, and people who in general are trying to make the world a better place.  I LOVE helping them communicate more effectively.  It is very rewarding to help break down barriers and walls that people have been holding onto, and help show them how to really express themselves in this wonderful digital era of the Internet, social media and excellent communication tools.

I’m really glad and grateful for the progress that everyone has made, and will continue to make  in the future…

I am grateful for my wonderful family Nov 1 2012

Not everyone has a family they get along with. I am very grateful for my family. Each one of us is different, special and unique. I am blessed to have a wonderful brother, two lovely sisters, a kind and wise mother, and a caring step father. Happy November everybody.


Let’s go GIANTS! Oct 24 2012

Giants logo

Excellent work by the San Francisco Giants today on winning Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.  Way to go!

What it’s like to sail on Bodacious+ on a winning day Oct 1 2012

Bodacious+ Party Circuit end of season race 2 from Greg Wilkins on Vimeo.

We won the race on Day 2 of the Corinthian Yacht Club Season Closer regatta sailing on Bodacious+, a RP 1D 48 that takes a crew of 14 to sail well.  It was a very fun day.  3/4 of the way through the video you can see the extra penalty turn we ended up doing due to overstanding the mark, and we still won! 🙂

The video was taken by a guest crewmember from Australia, Greg Wilkins, who did an excellent job on runners and didn’t let the rig fall down.

Local 123 Cafe Aug 27 2012



Most excellent.

Javascript Canvas Color Series Aug 9 2012

I made these using the <canvas> tag and Javascript.  Which one do you like the best?  What do they make you think of?


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