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  • Some pictures from the trip to Monterrey, Mexico

    Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Mexico for Kristin’s author visit to the American School Foundation of Monterrey in Mexico. We stayed an extra two days in the beautiful mountain resort of Chipinque. See the whole Flickr set here Link to share this: https://gabrielserafini.com/blog/2008/04/20/some-pictures-from-the-trip-to-monterrey-mexico/

  • Back in the USA from our trip to Monterrey

    We had a good trip to Monterrey, Mexico, and thankfully were able to make our connecting flights back flying standby on Northwest. More pictures to follow. If you can’t wait, this is the Flickr set that will have all of them in it. 🙂 Link to share this: https://gabrielserafini.com/blog/2008/04/14/back-in-the-usa-from-our-trip-to-monterrey/

  • American Airlines, why pick today for your 1,000 flights cancelled COMPLETE FAIL?

    Northwest pilot saves the day. So, our flight to Monterrey, Mexico was supposed to be today. Kristin has an author school visit tomorrow morning. Got the message that our flight had been cancelled. Went to the airport, scanned passport in the machine. “You’re checking in too early for your flight, which, by the way, we’ve…

  • Going to Mexico for a couple of days

    Kristin has some author school visits scheduled at an international school in Monterrey, Mexico in the next couple of days. We’re leaving later this morning (Wednesday, April 9) and will be returning Monday evening (April 14). Where is Monterrey, Mexico, you might ask? View Larger Map This is the hotel we’ll be staying at over…

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