Going to Mexico for a couple of days

Kristin has some author school visits scheduled at an international school in Monterrey, Mexico in the next couple of days. We’re leaving later this morning (Wednesday, April 9) and will be returning Monday evening (April 14).

Where is Monterrey, Mexico, you might ask?

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This is the hotel we’ll be staying at over the weekend. Even though it looks fun and all, and is supposed to be in the 100º F range temperature-wise, I will be working throughout the trip.

I don’t think my cell phone is going to be working, however, so email or IM is probably going to be the best way to get in touch while we’re gone.

Still to-do before I can go to bed before waking up in a couple of hours:

  1. Finish preparing tax docs for the accountant
  2. Prepare mileage spreadsheet for 2007 – uggh
  3. Pack
  4. Clean this mess up.
  5. Save new voicemail greeting message explaining why I’m not picking up
  6. Backup laptop (just in case)

My desk looks like this right now:
Finishing taxes before trip to Mexico

So fun. Sort of.


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