American Airlines, why pick today for your 1,000 flights cancelled COMPLETE FAIL?

Northwest pilot saves the day.

Traveling to Monterrey, Mexico - NOT in First Class anymore...

So, our flight to Monterrey, Mexico was supposed to be today. Kristin has an author school visit tomorrow morning. Got the message that our flight had been cancelled. Went to the airport, scanned passport in the machine. “You’re checking in too early for your flight, which, by the way, we’ve rescheduled for TOMORROW”.

Traveling to Monterrey, Mexico - Well, trying to, anyways... (American Airlines: FAIL)

So, Kristin’s dad being a pilot for Northwest, who just happened to be at the St. Louis airport by chance, helped us out by doing some research to help solve the problem.

Kristin trying to survive the journey to Monterrey, Mexico

Our journey so far:

  1. St. Louis non-rev Northwest flight to Detroit. 2 seats available.
  2. 1 seat available in Detroit flight to Houston. Did not want to split up, so declined single seat
  3. Talked to 10 people about why they couldn’t re-list us on flight to Minneapolis, continuing on to Houston.
  4. Finally got re-listed, got flight from Detroit to Minneapolis.
  5. Flight to Houston is now delayed. We’ll be getting in around midnight.
  6. Had to re-book the Continental ticket purchased earlier today from Houston to Monterrey (extra $100 charge each ticket) for tomorrow morning instead of tonight
  7. Power is running out on the laptop. Gonna go charge it up and get on this flight to Houston.
  8. Got some dinner, a tasty sandwich, fries, side salad. Plugged in laptop. Making Internet with the phone. Booking a hotel in Houston for approximately 6 hours of rest for $84.24.
  9. Headed to the gate, to wait.
  10. Made the flight to Houston. Took a cab to the EconoLodge, where it was good we had a reservation since they were full. Sleep time, then shuttle to the airport at 6:30 am.
  11. Got on the 6:30 am shuttle to the airport, passed through security with no problems. Got on the plane to Monterrey, got through customs just fine. Was picked up by Fiona (Kristin’s contact) and we drove straight to the school. So in the end, only the first presentation of the day had to be rescheduled. Yay!
  12. Oh yeah, it’s going to be ~38º C today here in Monterrey. That translates into right around 100º F. But it’s a dry heat, so that’s good. They’re treating us very well. So, victory, at last, despite American Airlines FAIL, which would have forced Kristin to cancel the entire day of school visit talks.
  13. Here is more information about the cancellations from American Airlines that includes a link to their Customer Service email contact form if you want to request a refund.

Why, American Airlines, why the spectacular FAIL TODAY!?!?!

Some tasty coffee on our Northwest flight. Tunes of choice on the iPod right now? Gogol Bordello of course.

Traveling to Monterrey, Mexico - First Class on Northwest is nice!

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