Star Wars + Office Space trailer Jun 26 2004

This is an excellently produced mix of Office Space the movie (one of my favorites, for sure) and Star Wars. So in the fist scene, Yoda is the old person with the walker beating the freeway rush-hour traffic. Very nice.

Star Wars/Office Space mashup

Office Space Wars is one of the funniest amateur video projects I’ve ever seen: it’s a remake of Office Space, set in the Star Wars Universe, with Vader as the bad boss, Jar Jar as the stapler guy, and R2D2 as the bad printer.

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  1. Ian Davids Says:

    This is Ian Davids, co-writer/director/actor of Office Space Wars. To everyone who’s watched, enjoyed, and passed Office Space Wars on, I thank you.

    I am now hosting a less bandwidth intesive version on my website,

    Please pass the link on and leave a message on the bulletin board to share your thoughts.



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