Fitness update

I enjoyed going to the Clayton Art Fair today after lunch. We walked around for about an hour and a half. Tonight I walked Kuma in the park and did the normal route twice, for a total of an hour of brisk walking (~4.25 miles). All in all, a good day of locomotion.

During my dog walk tonight I finally got a chance to listen to the Health Hacks Podcast, and it was excellent.

I’ve been reading up on two simple systems developed by Reinhard Engels – one called the No S Diet (No Snacks, sweets or seconds, except on S-days (sometimes)) and his sledgehammer exercise program called Shovelglove (I know, funny name huh.)

Well, starting this weekend I’ve officially begun the No S diet, and will also be trying the Shovelglove exercises as well. Both make so much sense, and have an elegance to them that feels like a well written shell script — do what you want, no more, no less.

I’ll be continuing to track my progress on my Collabofit page: Collabofit – gserafini’s Member Page, and hopefully we’ll be adding Sledgehammer as one of the home exercise activities you can easily track there.

My goal is to be at 205 lb by October 5, slimmer by ~ 13 lb in time for my brother’s wedding. We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Gabriel, Thanks so much for the kind words about the Health Hacks Podcast. We’re very proud to have Reinhard as a contributor (and to have listeners like you, Gabriel).

    Gabriel, have a great day, Gabriel!

    -Kevin Kennedy-Spaien,
    Gabriel’s new friend.

    (Good luck attaining Gabriel #8 status, Gabriel. Does this count as “keyword stuffing?”)

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