Donors Flocking To $50,000 Facebook Contest To Help Save Endangered Frogs In Children’s Eternal Rainforest

Looks like the Children’s Eternal Rainforest Cause group is getting some attention:

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Online social networking site is hosting a contest in partnership with The Case Foundation — the Causes Giving Challenge — that will award $50,000 to the non-profit organization that attracts the most individual donors over a 50-day period ending February 1, 2008. Out of over 50,000 individual registered Causes, one has been recently getting a lot of attention — the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Only days after joining the contest, this group has rapidly risen to become the only environmental organization represented in the top 50 contest leaders.

Read the whole story here: Donors Flock To $50,000 Facebook Contest To Save Endangered Frogs In Children’s Eternal Rainforest

Click here to check out their Donations page on Facebook


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