Michael came over and made baked pancakes that were spectacular Jan 26 2008

So tasty, cooked in a bed of golden melted butter in a well-seasoned iron skillet. Each one is baked for 13 minutes, and rises up over the edges of the pan. We made savory and sweet. Sweet didn’t have any additions to the pancake batter. The savory had pancetta and manchego cheese added. So good.

See the rest of the pictures over on our Serafini Studios Kitchen Food Blog : Baked Pancakes

3 Responses to “Michael came over and made baked pancakes that were spectacular”

  1. Shanti Braford Says:


  2. Shanti Braford Says:

    Oops – it looked like you had an accident there.

    But I take it this is how they are supposed to look? Yummy.

  3. Carico Says:

    Looks delicious. I have never heard of a baked pancake but sure would love to try one.

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