Trying out wp-svbtle, a new theme and way of writing

wp-svbtle is an open-source clone of the svbtle platform, which has been developed both as a fresh approach to writing content and as a way of developing a network of excellent writers. I’ve really enjoyed reading posts on the svbtle network, and after an excellent conversation today with Jonathan Hess @hessinteractive I decided it was time to test out a new writing style for myself. I moved my previously developed playful colorful theme to a new WordPress multi-site subdomain and proceeded to install the new wp-svbtle theme and editing environment.

So far, I do like how the focus is very much on words — there are basically very few distractions. No image uploading in this version. I like the way that the svbtle network seems to have handled that issue, and hope that the same technique can get ported to the WordPress version as well.

I did end up modifying the theme a bit, and it looks like as of this writing, there are 124 people who have forked the project on Github. I hope that the main / master project can end up reflecting all the good ideas other people have had, so there aren’t in the end like 50 “Improved wp-svbtle” projects floating around out there.

Words, words, words. One of my goals for 2013 is to write more, and to try to be more meaningful for more people. The idea of a personal motto that I’ve been developing is this:

“I like to help people.”

Not too profound, but pretty much summarizes what it is that I hope to do with my life. I look forward to exploring this further next year.


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